Sam Prieto Serrano

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Research Intern

Projects: Data Cleaning, Analysis & Visualization

Mathematical and Computational Science

Stanford University

Sam Prieto Serrano (they/them) is an undergraduate from Sacramento, California. Sam’s research interests lie at the intersection of tech, ethics, psychology, and social service. Since arriving at Stanford, they have explored using tech and research with the purpose of contributing to social good. Sam’s research are guided by the core goals of serving communities in need, creating more inclusive settings, and better understanding social needs from a technical perspective. They have worked on projects looking to improve accessibility and diversity in local public schools, as well as projects exploring the socioemotional development of low-income elementary students. Sam joined the lab because of their interdisciplinary work and focus area of understanding human social development. Their current research in the lab involves studying the mental health of people through their interaction with technology and education from longitudinal studies.


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