Kelsey Sick

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Visiting Scholar

Canada Graduate Scholarships Program

Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements

Psychological Basis of Kinesiology

School of Kinesiology

Western University

Kelsey (she/her) completed a BSc in Kinesiology at the University in Calgary (Canada) and MA in Kinesiology at Western University (Canada). She is currently a PhD candidate in the Psychological Basis of Kinesiology at Western University, and a visiting CGS-MSFSS research scholar to the Change Lab, with a specific research interest in the development of the ‘self’.

Advancing theoretical conceptualization and instrumentation, her program of research seeks to understand the influence of the dynamic interplay between affective self-evaluations and comparative social-evaluations of the physical self on the development and maintenance of adolescent girls’ global self-concept over various time scales. Understanding the dynamics of the physical self will support new efforts to promote positive development and psychological well-being through adolescence and into adulthood.