Emma Talley

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Honors Candidate

Mental Health and Suicidality

Department of Communications

Stanford University

Emma (she/her/hers) will be working on an Honors Thesis with Professor Nilam Ram to identify suicide clusters in college populations and examine media influence on suicidal and self-injurious behaviors.

Media-influenced suicide contagion is a well-documented phenomenon, referring to the idea that more dramatic headlines and more prominently placed stories are associated with greater increases in subsequent suicide rates. The risk of contagion is particularly salient in college populations, where suicide is the second-leading cause of death (Turner, Leno, & Keller, 2013).

Emma will be working with data provided by The Healthy Minds Network. For 15 years, the network has administered the Healthy Minds Study (HMS), a population-level survey of post-secondary student mental health, collecting over 740,000 responses from students at more than 530 colleges and universities.