The AMIB Data

A Multiple Time-scale Experience Sampling Study

The AMIB Data, collected as part of a multiple time-scale study, are useful for illustrating a variety of methods for modeling of intensive longitudinal data. The data include person-level dispositionsdaily diary assessments, and ecological momentary assessments that were obtained after everyday social interactions (event-contingent sampling).

The data are shared with intent to facilitate learning about analysis of intensive longitudinal data (from experience sampling, daily diary, or EMA designs). The data are posted only for teaching purposes and should not be used for research.

Use requires citation and acknowledgement of both this website and the following paper:

Ram, N., Conroy, D. E., Pincus, A. L., Hyde, A. L., & Molloy, L. E. (2012). Tethering theory to method: Using measures of intraindividual variability to operationalize individuals’ dynamic characteristics. In G. Hancock & J. Harring (Eds.), Advances in longitudinal methods in the social and behavioral sciences (pp. 81-110). New York: Information Age.

Please contact us with questions about the data and their use. We always appreciate knowing how the data are being used to facilitate learning and teaching. If you find something interesting, please let us know – we are happy to engage collaboration around a similar data set that is larger (in terms of both persons and occasions).


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